1. Hello, world.

It's been a while...

#Welcome #Beginnings

It’s been a while. And quite a year. For everyone.

But, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, albeit still somewhat dim.

I spent the last year or so quitting my last job, starting a new one, moving to the northeast US, contemplating a major career change, and doing some deep soul-searching.

I imagine that other people reading this have gone through similar.

So, to continue the spirit of change, I decided to start this newsletter. Why?… well, why not?! Everyone needs an outlet and I’d love to see where this goes.

So, why Looking Around The Corner? Well, about two years ago I started a short-lived podcast by the same name that focused on and celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit. For various reasons, I had to take it down (maybe, more on that in another post). But, I will be relaunching it in long-form (somewhat like JRE, Joe Rogan Experience)…. will keep you posted.

Back to the question, why Looking Around The Corner? Well, I’ve been a science and tech geek all my life; I believe all of humanity’s progress is directly tied to these two disciplines.

So, I wanted to talk about interesting ideas, people, and things that progress us forward. I’ll be discussing a variety of real-world topics including, but not limited to:

*Medical innovation and catalysts of change

*Space industrialization and deep space travel

*Artificial intelligence and the human condition

*Mindset and uncertainty

*Wealth creation and the idea of money…

…with a little humor, psychology, and philosophy sprinkled in for shits and giggles.

For each piece, I’ll place a set of hashtagged topics in the top left, which will help categorize and curate. I’d love your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for subscribing, supporting, and “hearing” me out.


Web: falgunchokshi.com

Twitter: @falgunchokshimd

“All big things start small.”